Make your next ag stock sale or purchase easy with personalized service from your friends at FNC Ag Stock, LLC. Utilize the ATS/QMS brokerage services of FNC Ag Stock, LLC when dealing with cooperative stock and LLC trading, whether it is ethanol stock or any other agricultural stock. From your listing or purchase of securities to its transfer—and every step in between—we can help you have the best experience in the specialized world of LLC, LLP, and cooperative securities.

Whether buying or selling, we specialize in agricultural stocks that are non-exchange listed, such as ethanol investments. You can count on the trusted services of FNC Ag Stock, LLC, your clearinghouse for ag securities since 1994.

We trade your ag securities, from ethanol stock to sugarbeet shares. To access pricing information, sales, and more, click on any of the companies listed below.

Ace Ethanol LLC
Adkins Energy LLC
American Crystal Sugar Co.
Badger State Ethanol, LLC (Class A-1)
Badger State Ethanol, LLC (Class A)
Cardinal Ethanol, LLC
CIE Holdings, LLC
Golden Growers Cooperative
Granite Falls Energy LLC
Great Plains Ethanol, LLC "A" (d/b/a POET Biorefining - Chancellor).
Great Plains Ethanol, LLC "C" (d/b/a POET Biorefining - Chancellor)
Great Plains Ethanol, LLC "E" (d/b/a POET Biorefining - Chancellor).
Heron Lake BioEnergy
Highwater Ethanol, LLC
Little Sioux Corn Processors (Class A)
Little Sioux Corn Processors (Class C)
Little Sioux Corn Processors, LLC (Class B)
Northern Growers, LLC Class A Units
Northern Growers, LLC Class B Units
Northern Growers, LLC Class C Units
Quad County Corn Processors Cooperative
Red Trail Energy, LLC
Siouxland Energy Cooperative
Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy, LLC
The Western Sugar Cooperative
The Western Sugar Cooperative - Colorado
The Western Sugar Cooperative - Montana
The Western Sugar Cooperative - Nebraska
The Western Sugar Cooperative - Wyoming
United Ethanol LLC "Class A Units"
United Ethanol LLC "Class C Units"

When you work with the professionals at FNC Ag Stock, LLC, you get peace of mind to make your life easier with current market pricing, signed contracts, escrowed funds, and assistance with documents.

Investments concentrated in a particular sector are subject to increased risks compared to an investment which is more diversified. Each investor should consider the risks described in the offering document or prospectus for each company before investing.

FNC Ag Stock, LLC charges the seller a fee of 3% of the total selling price or a minimum fee of $250 per transaction.

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